Friday, May 29


FATHER'S DAY is just around the corner, so wouldn't it be fun to make something special? Whether it looks like a brand new attorney's valet or dad's work worn leather briefcase, you can make one just for him!
Why not try to make this version to hold, not work but fun gift cards and a beautiful hand made greeting card! The three divided compartments will easily fit, a gift card and standard sized greeting card, and still have room for a personal note or game tickets! I have searched the internet, and googled high and low and have not seen anything like this! So, I guess it might even be an original! I have all the
PDF step by step instructions for this cutie, for sale in my BOXES, ETC section


Rose said...

Hi Donna! That is AWESOME!! I love your briefcase! Love your work :)

Andrea said...

I love how you made this challenge a masculine card. What a perfect masculine card too. I need to work on those manly kind of cards, I get so wrapped up in the fluff that I like....{big grin}
Thanks for sharing. Love the briefcase too.

Katie Ann Brooks said...

This is soooo great! So flattered you thought of me when you made it. :) Thank you so much for sharing with me. I've got it bookmarked for later ;).