Thursday, May 21

GRADUATION and ABC challenge "O" is for orderly

Hey everyone!!!! Please scroll down to the colored text to read about the card if you don't want to read about what I have been doing!
I am sorry I have been quiet this week, but I loved the tulip card from my last post, and decided to let it sit for a bit. I have really been enjoying my garden with the peonies, lilacs and now irises blooming in glorious form! I always think my garden look it's best in spring.
I have been watching the robins and mourning doves sit on their nests, and I waited patiently for the fledglings to leave! Last night the mourning doves took a venture outside into the big world. I will miss their heads popping up each time I open my back door! They made a nest in a protected part of my gutter this year. I have a Craftsman Bungalow with deep overhangs and it was perfect for them to set up house there!
The robins on the other hand had a sad ending. I was educated on how nature takes it's course. I wanted to intervene in this instance, but I knew it was frutile. The other day I heard a lot of commotion in the front yard where the robins had made a nest in my beautiful white pear tree. It was in full bloom and the sounds of birds chirping outside my widow gave way to screaching. So, I had to investigate. I looked out of my window just at the same time a red tailed hawk was swooping down to snatch the fledglings out of the nest for his own babies to feed. It was so sad to see the mother and father robins fretful for their young. All those days sitting on the eggs and caring for the new hatchlings gone. Now it was over, all in a quick moment. I understand the circle of life but, it is difficult to watch. Life goes on however, and those robins have made a new nest in my spruce tree and are now sitting on more eggs! I can't wait to watch the next brood hatch! So, as you can see I have taken a break from stamping to enjoy the spring! I am reenergized and am ready to make some more cards! SO.......
Here is a graduation card I made for the ABC Challenge "o" is for orderly. I used simple block layering, with symmetry. I cut a piece of black card stock to make the mortar board and added some frayed ribbon for a tassel! If you look closely the mortar board has the straight lines of the block layering and the ribbon on the top layer mimics the ribbon tassel for symmetry! The card is simple but has some pizzaz. If you don't have the right sentiment then write your own! It doesn't need to be perfect as you can see here, just personal! I hope it will inspire you to make a card for graduating friends too! Enjoy!


Shelia said...

Wonderful card, will use it for my inspiration, as I have received several announcements already. I loved to read your "diary" entry today. I am a lover of all things nature.

Jennifer said...

Hi Donna,
Great idea for a graduation card.
Thanks for joining the ABC challenge this week.
Jen x

Hazel (Didos) said...

Hi Donna,
I love this card, it is stunning. Great for a graduation. Hazelxo

Elaine said...

Really nice card,love the colors and design.

Stampin' With Jessi and Rachel said...

Great graduation card! tis the season...I have made a few this week too!

"Tillymint" said...

Your card is great Donna - a good one to keep bookmarked I think.
So pleased to hear you're enjoying spring with all its ups and downs! here we've had about three days of rain everything is a bit gloomy - good crafting weather though!!
Take care Sue x

Beth said...

Sometimes it is so hard to follow the circle of life-but it's good to hear M/M Robin have perservered. Spring seems so short here, but I enjoy it while I can!
Beautiful card-simply elegant. Love the black paired with the mulit-hued stunning!

Helen said...

Fab graduation card!
Thanks for joining us at the ABC Challenge this week!
Helen x

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna, Love your cards !

I am also a lover of all nature.My story had a somewhat happy ending.Last year we wanted to transplant a tree from the front yard to the back yard. There was a robins nest in that tree and I told my husband not to move it until the babies left the nest. But of course he forgot. I looked down to the ground and there they were. I picked them up and took the nest out and placed them back in the nest and into a pine tree. The next morning I took the nest and put in the same spot of the transplanted tree. I sat and watched from a window to see if the mother robin would return and low and behold she returned to that tree and continued to care for her babies. I sat and watched a little longer with with tears of joy ! The sad part is one of the babies did not survive.

Beth said...

Awww, poor little robins : (

This card is fabulous, I love the clean lines and colour scheme!
Beth xx