Monday, March 9

Paper Cuts #10

Hi I am still on vacation and..... here is Paper Cuts for this week!
NOTE: ooops I guess judging by the comment below, you guys won't be happy about this paper cuts. I apologize. I opted to post a card even though I am away, and now you can decide whether or not to take a peek......LOL. I am sorry if it is not what you have come to expect from expect from Paper Cuts, I will do better next time!....Have a great day see you next week! Donna


Sue said...

Hi Donna,
How's the vacation are you having a relaxing time?
Just checked in to see Paper Cuts for this week and .....
Sorry am I too keen

debb said...

Donna- This is a great card. Thank you for all the time you spend preparing this fab section of your blog!!! I love paper cuts!!!!! Hope you are having a great time! debb