Monday, March 23

K WERNER Color Inspiration # 46 and PAPER CUTS #12

Kristina's color inspiration was not something I could do in time this week,

BUT I used the colors for the inspiration for my PAPER CUTS!!!!!! If you want all the instructions and dimensions then go over to my side bar and click on PAPER CUTS! Meanwhile, I am back from vacation and I must admit I am a little rusty....the mojo just ain't with me.....YUCK I hate when that happens! LOL! But we all go through it, so I made two cards for a class this week and now I am taking the day off. That is unless something inspires me with a flash of creativity. We had such a nice vacation and I think my mind is still there, wishing for open toe shoes and warm sunshine enveloping me all around. Here we still have snow in the I hate winter! Check out my vacation pics here and what home looks like! LOL! Enjoy!~Donna


Savitri said...

Hey, it's still GORGEOUS!!! I love this card, you did a lovely job as always!

Sylvia said...

Your card is beautiful! I wondered where you were. I am back among the living now!!

itsabrt said...

This card is so neat, I love that potted flower and your coloring is fab. What I really like is your decision to use two different ribbons the way you did. Great job! BR-T