Saturday, March 28


What's black nd White and Red all over? :) Remember that from when you were a kid?
WELL how about a Sunday Morning crossword puzzle?
Why not think outside the box, or in this case within the little boxes to place your sentiment! I wanted to make something fun and I love puzzles, so this is what I came up with.... go ahead have some fun yourself, stretch your creativity and then make a card out of the ordinary! For the golf pencil I just scored a 1 1/2" x 3" piece of yoyo yellow every 1/8" and curled it a bit around a regular pencil, before putting it on the face of the card. I used Many Happy Returns for the newspaper print layer and Simple Mini Serif Alphabet for the letters....Enjoy! ~Donna


Kari said...

Fun card!! I love the theme!!!

Carol said...

Oh I LOVE that pencil!! How cute!

apoorva said...

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