Monday, March 2

Paper Cuts #9 Two Lips!

I interrupt this Paper Cuts to apologize that I had this picture up with no link :( I am so sorry.....duh. I am in Disney World and the little goobers have me running all over and I forgot to post it! Here it is now, up and ready for you!
Are you READY for PAPER CUTS #9? Well, go check it out on my Side Bar and let me see what you made! Enjoy! ~Donna


Sue said...

OK you tease where is it?????
I raced over to your "My Papercuts" and no number 9!!!

Butternut Sage Designs said...

I am soooooooo Sorry! Mickey and Cinderella have had me hopping all weekend and I was dead tired when we got back from the park at 9:30! LOL! BUT here it is enjoy and thanks for being patient! Hugs Donna

Sue said...

It was worth the wait Donna - its another very pretty card.
Thanks -Sue W.- Australia

Jean from jlfstudio said...

Wonderful CAS card - gotta ask though, what does two lips have to do with this Paper Cut #2? I'm wondering if once again I'm out of the loop when it comes to texting?

Thanks for the inspiration and enjoy Disney World! - Jean

Donna said...

oh I guess that would be a New England thing....we call tulips two lips LOL!!!! Sorry

Jean from jlfstudio said...

Thanks for the explanation Donna. I knew it had to be some kind of insider but obvious thing. I left Pennsylvannia when I was 3 so I never learned that one. No one in Maryland would of course be that "Northern". - LOL! On the other hand it sounds like the perfect Oregon joke (where I live now) hmmm... I'll have to see what trend I can start. Thanks again! - Jean