Tuesday, January 13

One month away so Valentine's are coming today!

I saw an adorable candy box over at Paper Monkey where Suzy did such a beautiful job! So I decided to use my petal die from Stampin' Up and case her idea!
I think my favorite background stamp is the Floral and it will be gone in just a few more days, so I decided to use it for one last time (for my blog anyway) in this project.

Here is what I did!


Melissa Sauls said...

Beautiful job. I love it!

Kimberly Gajewski said...

How beautiful! I love pink and green together! :D

Kerin said...

That is so beautiful Donna... what an elegant little treat!

Mandy said...

I love the colors. The pink ribbon is so cute turned up like that!

Jean from jlfstudio said...

Too too beautiful and sweet Donna though I would expect nothing less.

Thanks for celebrating my birthday with such a lovely design. - LOL!

Hugs and blessings sister stamper.

Brooke S said...

That bow is just yummy!!! Your little heart container is adorable... Just lovely all together..

fmfab said...

pink & green are so my favorite colours at the moment. it is gorgeous work. Thanks for looking at my blog too!

Mary said...

That is so pretty, I am going to have to order myself one of those big shots.

Savitri said...

Too too adorable!!!! LOVE it! Oooh, is that the same pink ribbon I used for the color challenge. I want more :)

Jean said...

I am in love --- with this gorgeous box. It is just beautiful like all of your work. That ribbon is soo pretty! Of course we don't have the dies here yet but maybe this year??

Mary said...


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