Monday, November 10


A sweet friend of mine, whom I met this past summer at convention, sent me this special, special card today. I saw it on her blog, and in a challenge. I made a comment of how much I "NEEDED" it......then when I got my mail this afternoon there is was! OH MY! I wish you could see it in person! It is just gorgeous. Bev over at made this lovely card. She is a very talented and kind hearted girl, and I would love for you to go visit her! I know you will enjoy what she has to offer, so go on take a peek! Bev THANK YOU!~Donna


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful card donna. it is special.

Just be...... said...

Wonderful, there is kindness everywhere!!!

Bev said...

Hi Ms Donna! I sure did! I'm glad you got it. Big hugs,

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