Wednesday, October 1

Still on Vegas Time!

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Hi guys,
Well, it is after 1:00 am EST and my brain is still thinking it is in Las Vegas! I am not the least bit sleepy!
So, I decided to make a Christmas card and envelope. I love making my own envelopes, they feel so nice.
Now, because I am a Stampin' Up demonstrator I use all SU products, and we do not have gold ribbon,...... so I decided to emboss it! Cool huh! I love the crinkle it creates.
Next, I wanted some gold bling, and we do not have that either...... so I decided to emboss it! Cool huh! .
Then I just kept on embossing, and embossing some more! Cool huh!
"Necessity is the mother of invention now isn't it? So, if you don't have it MAKE IT!!!"
Have fun!


Avril Miller said...

YOU are BRILLIANT Donna!!!!

I'm gonna try tht same thing - because I too have a VERY hard time using "non-SU!" items. :-)

Kerin said...

Gorgeous card Donna, you're SO talented and always come up with the most brilliant designs.

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