Wednesday, September 24


SUNRISE over...NewYork????
Nah .....this is our view from our window in our TWO bedroom suite at MGM Grand! All FREE too!
Thank you MGM Grand and thank you to Boston's Own
Kitchen and front door, with doorbell and all!

One end of the suite with our bedroom door...

other end of the suite with master bedroom and computer area! This suite is SWEET! Wish you were here....

Jaime where are you?! ~


Jaime said...

LOL-LOL-LOL, you are too funny... Looks like you are really living it up here :) Well that makes it all the more fun right? I searched through all your emails but couldn't find your last name... it's probably right in front of me... but now after looking at this post, I should have just called the MGM and asked for the guests staying in the awesome-ginormous suite :) lol... anyhow, I'll email you w/ more info :)

Kerin said...

Hi Donna!
Glad you're having a fabulous time! What an amazing suite you have! Still LOVING my Nikon from Bromfield Camera, they're the best!
-Your jealous friend,

Butternut Sage Designs said...

Hi Jaime and Kerin!

You are my two bestest commenters!

Jaime I am so sorry we didn't get a chance to meet up, your email was so nice..thank you. I am a loser for not getting back on my computer....hmmmmm I was having way too much fun I think!

Kerin, I wish you were here, vacation with you was much nicer I think....shhhhh don't tell my in laws! What fun we could all have in this suite huh!

PLUS! Kristina Werner is here! Just think, Jaime, you, Kristina and I could have had a party! See you later!


The Garden Maiden said...

Hi Donna,

Thank you AGAIN for your sweet comments on my blog.

This Vegas suite is SWEET! I bet it was hard to leave.

I have only been to Vegas once, and I didn't give it a fair chance because we went there on our way home from Maui. Maui to Vegas is a bit of a shock. The pace of home to Vegas might be a bit less shocking. We sure didn't stay in anything this posh either.

Free is always good too! ;-)

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