Thursday, September 4


I know haven't been doing anything fun lately, so here you go. Today we can have fun, and hopefully I will inspire you to either MAKE a card with some Stampin Up products, or CLEAN your stamping spaces! RIGHT, I said fun, so I guess you'll be making cards!
Personally I LOVE to be organized, and I think I always wanted to be a teacher. I succeed in the former but, I didn't pursue the later because I am not fond of "kids" so much. However, as you will see in the next few pictures, the teaching thing WORKS when it comes to ADULTS!!!!! YIPPEEEE!
I have spent the last couple of weeks re organizing my 100 year old basement, into a brand new "FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL" kinda place for my customers to stamp and play. We have been using this space for two years now, and it was time to repaint the floors because, they actually sparkled with all my glitter, and were speckled with dimensional adhesive leftovers! My girls (as I call them) have not been to a class since convention! So, next week will be the BIG DEBUT for them to see their new space and NEW PRODUCTS!!! Like the Big Shot! I cannot wait for them to get here!
I have shared some pictures of my stamp room(s) and I made two cards using the NEW STAMP SET Eastern Blooms from Stampin Up that I got at convention...I hope you enjoy the tour! See you soon! ~Donna

I got these baskets and COOL hooks from where else?........IKEA!
You may click on the pictures to see them up close...aren't the hooks COOL?!!!
HERE are some of the projects we'll be working on over the next couple of months. I like displaying them Before hand so my girls get excited to see what is coming up, and have the desire to sign up for the class!

My Stamp Set Area

my NEWLY painted floor

I know I am a little OCD with the

tennis balls, but those little felt

thingies just fall off and make a mess! The picture is a little like those carnival mirrors, the table can actually accommodate 10 girls!

THIS is the area for my consumable supplies
envelopes, adhesive, papers etc!

AND NOW.......... FOR TODAYS CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On this card I used Glossy White Paper, VERSA MARK and my BRAYER.

First: use a DAUBER and 2~3 ink colors to randomly blot, and cover
the GLOSSY CARD STOCK, all over with color.

Second: STAMP your image in VERSA MARK on you cs, then

Third: Ink your BRAYER with a darker color to compliment your work, and ink over
the entire cs until you get the depth of color saturation you desire. Lastly, wipe off
the ink that is on your stamped image! VOILA!

I wanted something fresh and clean on this next card....
I used Sahara favorite neutral now that River Rock is gone..... :(
I then stamped my image in Craft White, accentuating the centers of the flower with my Gel Pen. I used the same Bordering Blue to fill in the (stamen?) centers to match my card base.
The other thing I like to do sometimes is use the wider Grosgrain Ribbon on my cards, however sometimes it is a bit overbearing, so you can mix it up and created the balance you need by using the 1/4" ribbon around the card, and then making the bow part with the 5/8" ribbon!

I hope you liked today's cards.....ENJOY! ~Donna


Leigh Ann Baird said...

Are we long lost sisters?? I love to be organized (even though I can be very messy) and would teach if I could tolerate kids for long periods of time. I sound like a mean, kid hater but I'm really not. You probably understand what I mean. I love planning, organizing and preparing materials.

Oh, your cards are wonderful as usual.

Donna said...

Hi Annie! I love ALL kids for a minute LOL!!! I am just not one of those people who naturally want to be with them 24/7, rather than adults! ARGH It all sounds bad, but I am sure most everyone who feels like this can relate...after all I have a picture of a little one on my bulletin board! So how bad can I be! Have a great day! ~Donna

LeAnne said...

Donna, I LOVE this card--I went crazy looking for that leaf, though. I realize now what set it is from! Great idea with the two sizes of ribbon, too! Just love these colors, it is in my favs file!

Jaime said...

OH my goodness... I love how you have your items all organized! I love seeing how others organize their supplies :) I couldn't help but notice your huge stock of Sticky Strip... do you have a source for buying it in bulk? or do you just get it through SU? Just curious, hope you don't mind me asking! Thanks for sharing all your great cards & pictures :) & thank you for all your kind words over at my blog... you are just the sweetest :)
Take care,

astrochell said...

love your card and technique! I had to laugh at the tennis reminded me of my daughter's classroom....that is one of the supplies that are needed on the supplies list! Love how organized you are....I sure would like to be. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

I love this "you made my day" card....the two size ribbon is such an easy but uncommon accent....LOVE IT! This card is beautiful.....and I can't wait to come to class on Wednesday.....

Butternut Sage Designs said...

Hey guys thanks for the comments...this is an answer for my blogging friend Jaime...I buy my sticky strip in bulk yes. I do that so my girls can have a roll when we are doing is where I get it. Blockheads Paper Art.


Mary said...

I'd LOVE to know what the shelves and "wall" piece are called. They are awesome and would really work beautifully in my similar "office space"! Your space looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hello Donna, Thank you so much for your blog; I discovered it tonight and
have been here for hours. I was looking at your post showcasing your
craft room and adore those plastic boxes you store all your paper and other
goodies in. Could you share where you purchased them? Well off to search
more of your wonderful cards!! Thanks again, Nena