Saturday, August 23

A break from the usual....

Stephanie and Christian

Hi everyone,

It is a beautiful morning this August day, and my hubby is still sleeping away the puffy white clouds in the sky, which means I have time to do my favorite past time, and surf blogs! I have found some inspiring women out there today, some have left me laughing, some have left me crying, and some have left me looking inward. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone of them!

I was inspred by one blog in particular, and so I started scrolling down her "favorited" sites. As I bounced from one to another, I happened upon a love story. The story is
here for you to read. It is special, and I hope that you will be compelled to look inward, and do what needs to be done when you read it. This link nienie: The bell is ringing...again. is the story Stephanie blogged just a few days before her life changed, it is for her girls as they went off to celebrate a new school year. There is a balloon launch tonight at 8:00pm EST please participate if you can.

Thank You for taking a peek

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Kathleen said...


What a sweet thing you are doing! I spent a lot of time going back thru the blogs about this precious couple. I wish you the best on the auction!