Thursday, August 14


Hi everyone,
I have been a bit busy this week. I am taking care of my 11 month old grand daughter while her mom and dad are away. Anyhow, it has been an experience, and I am really, really tired out. She decided to walk on my watch, and that means I am bent over most of the day making sure she does not have a single bruise on her before her parents get back! LOL! So, other than having complete exhaustion, a migraine headache, a twinge of a muscle spasm in my back coming on LIFE IS GOOD as the stamp set says!!!!
In the midst of all of that, I was able to make this lovely card and envelope combo!
The Mosaic Technique: is done using Tacky Adhesive Strip Sheets.
1. Take a piece of Tacky Sheet, and cut it the size and shape you desire
(I copied the envelope flap, and used a rectangle for the card)
2. Remove one side of the protective covering, and adhere it to cardstock
3. Trim the cardstock and adhesive to the desired size and shape
(like the envelope for example)
4. Remove other side of the protective covering
5. Postion randomly cut pieces of cardstock to adhesive to resemble a mosaic
6. When complete, dust entire piece with embossing powder
7. Heat and you are done!
8. use this finished piece to decorate card...have fun!


Sankari W. said...

hi donna,

what a beautiful card!!! i love love love the gold and purple together -- it is so royal and the green and black really make everything pop! i have missed coming over to your blog - we just got back from vacation up north a few days ago and i am readjusting again... you are soooo lucky to have met Kristina!! what a great pic of the two of you! lucky duck you!!! hope you are well and not toooo tired....
have a great thursday!
best wishes,

Leigh Ann Baird said...

This is very pretty. You're so talented.