Wednesday, August 27


Hi guys,

I am unable to think about doing a KWerner Color challenge this week, because I am honored to help Nie Nie .... ( Stephanie Nielson) of Mesa Arizona/ Provo, Utah.
I know this is a Stamping Blog, but my goodness this story has me consumed at the moment. I want to let it go and get back to stamping some cards, but it keeps pulling me back. I feel an obligation to help in any way I can, so......
PLEASE! Take a look at Stephanie Nielson's sisters blog. She keeps us updated with the progress of Nie Nie's recovery from injuries she sustained, when she and her husband were in a plane crash on August 16th. Follow your conviction, by checking out the Silent Auction below :)
Please, bid on my auction, or one of countless others running on the internet starting today, to support the Nielsons. They face millions of dollars in medical care. I know if you contribute, it will be a blessing to you. Check out my link in the auction post for a beautiful, photo journal.

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Amanda said...

This is a wonderful kind thing you are doing! God bless you.

Karen Giron said...

Donna, you are amazing - challenges can wait and it's so good of you to focus on the important things in life. Your auction goodies are terrific and the proceeds will bring light into this family who is hurting.

Butternut Sage Designs said...

Thanks everyone for checking my blog...don't be shy come on now, and cast a bid!!!! Go to the post below under "Silent Auction" and bid there! Thanks you from all my heart Hugs ~Donna

Joy said...

Donna...I have been blown away by what you are doing and I am truly touched. I know that God had a purpose for our pathes to cross and I hope you will allow me to add you to my blog list. thank you for your sweet comments...I will check your blog to see the updates on nienie.