Thursday, July 31


WOW! This is so much fun...I don't know what to say or what to let's start with my HIGHLIGHT!!!!!!! For those of you who recognize one of the people in this picture, it is the famous Kristina Werner. She is my idol. I am a stalker of hers, and I am not ashamed. I read her blog 4~5 times a day. Anyway, because we (Kerin Sylvester, Krisitn Fuller and myself) were first in line for Memento mall....that's right FIRST!!!!! I was able to leave the line several times and view the convention area. At one point I was standing by the escalators, and saw 3 staff members coming down the escalator. You know they are staff because of the gorgeous black aprons they are wearing with the embroidered Celebrate '08 in those neat colors on them. I wish they were for sale but nope....anyway back to the group coming down the escalator. I notice IMMEDIATELY it was Kristina! Oh my goodness, I am going to meet her in 15 steps. Oh, my goodness! I cannot believe it. All of a sudden I look, and there is Shelli and Krisitina sharing a blueberry muffin chatting away. Now, I do not "know" Shelli but, I certainly "know " Kristina, at least on her blog :)! So, I walk straight past Shelli (sorry Shelli) and go right up to Krisitna to introduce myself. She was adorable, and so sweet. She was off to a staff meeting so it was quick, but...... as you can see in the picture I met up with her again at Memento Mall, as I went through her checkout line with my souvenirs. She was gracoious enough to take a picture! SO, here I am with Kristina! YIPPPPEEEEE! Thanks Kristina, you are the best!

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Lisa said...

I feel like I am there...this is exciting!!!

...and I'm not even a demonstrator...I can only imagine how AWESOME it is to actually be there!

What a treat! Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us!