Tuesday, April 22

Simple Coloring Technique!

OK now that my head is less swollen from the COOL award I received, I thought I would post a technique sample for you.
A lot of my girls, and some other demonstrators I know, have voiced a concern about the Bloomin' Beautiful Stamp Set from SU! and how much time it takes to color it in a class.
It is a gorgeous set from the
2008 Occassions MINI COLLECTION
that happens to be one of my favorites because I absolutely love, love, love hydrangea, and I also love to color!
However, because my girls, and others see it as a lot of coloring, I have decided to show them, and you how to make it quickly...and with little effort! I hope you enjoy the results!

See the PICTORIAL below...and try it yourself!

you will need the following supplies .
~ White Cardstock, black classic ink or StazOn, sponges
~ classic (colors) ink, and the "Bloomin' Beautiful" stamp set.

You will stamp the vase and hydrangea image on a piece of card stock twice. I did it on a folded piece of cardstock: once on the front, and once on the back so, I would have a mask of the vase (shown here) on one side, and a mask of the flowers ( not visible) on the other side.

Place the mask of the vase on top of your card. Blot a corner of the sponge into the ink and dab, rub, or blot the ink into the open area of the mask. Make sure you go out to the edges, but do not saturate the color all over your image at this point. Allow some open area for a contrasting, or complimentary color. Layer colors over and over until you get your desired effect.

Next, cover the colored image with the opposite mask, and sponge your vase using the same technique. Finally ink up your stamp again in black and stamp over the colored image to accent the details!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope this helps with a quick and easy way to color your images! ~Donna

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Kerin said...

I was floored when you showed me this yesterday Donna! Thank you so much for making this such an easy set to use for beautiful and quick cards!