Tuesday, April 1

APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone,

Well, I have no recent pictures for you today, even though I made 2 cards this morning, but I can tell you a little bit about one of them. It is a variation of the one above, and I made it for a friend of mine who was having some polyps removed from her sinuses.

I used SU Pick a Petal stamp set. Last June, I used this set to make the Father's Day Card, (above) and posted it on SCS under butternutsage. It came out quite cute, and has been a hit with CASERS! You can use one of the petals from the set for the nose, and then use the smile petal, for an upside down smile. I also used the double outlined circle for eyes. Many people have posted their versions on SCS, and I laugh each, and every time I see them.

I wanted the one I made today to look a little more like a girl, so I used real read ink for the smile, and then I put a bow above one of the eyes! Seeing as my friend was having nose surgery, I used the rolling technique, and inked the nose Petal with pretty in Pink and Lovely Lilac! This made a "goreous" bruised nose! Try making one yourself, they are quite fun, and I know it will make you giggle.

Now, just in case you haven't realized it yet, today is April Fools Day! I played a terrible trick on my upline Kerin this morning, by sending an e mail telling her I was resigning from SU due to personal reasons. I had no idea how upset that news would make her, and now I am publicly apologizing to her. Sorry Kerin, you know I love you, and did not mean to upset you. I am so happy you can take a joke. You owe me big time now, no holds barred! I'll be ready!

For the rest of you, I hope if you plan to play an April Fools joke on a friend or family member you are right there to comfort them if they need it!
That's it for today, everyone have a great day!!!! Check out my FUN THINGS TO DO...and try your hand at the typing test! Doesn't it feel like the good weather will be here to stay, now that it is APRIL!!! YIPPEEEE!!!!!

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Kerin said...

Oh Donna, you do not have to apologize!! I'm so gullible I fell for it hook, line and sinker! I'm just glad to know everything's ok and you can continue to be the awesome SU demo that you are!!