Thursday, June 26

I always love browsing all the blogs out there, becasue I get so many new ideas and fun things to try. I fell upon this card made by Moonlight Inker, Sophia! Here is her blog,
Isn't it just beautiful? Here she has used vellum in a way I had never tried. I couldn't wait to get going on creating a card as beautiful as hers, and I must say it was FUN!!!!!. I used, clear embossing powder over Staz On for the bird, and I mixed SU's "purple"(for my friend Kerin) Fine Cosmo Glitter and White Chunky Essentials together for the center of the flowers. I probably will not do this card in a class because it was time consuming, but it sure is pretty for me to use personally. Try making one yourself, and please remember to thank Sophia too!


Kerin said...

LOVE this card Donna, you've done a fabulous job! Of course the added purple really makes it :) The samples on your blog are so beautiful, I'm so glad such a talented stamper has jumped into the blogging world!

Your proud upline,

Butternut Sage Designs said...

Thank you Kerin for being such a fabulous mentor, great upline, and wonderful friend~Donna

heidi baldini said...

OMG!!!! JUST STUNNING!!! I saw this card on the inspirtaional blog
& had to come check it out. How do you do the flower petals??? Did you cut them out of something????

Butternut Sage Designs said...

Hello Heidi! Thanks for stopping by! I actually used Vellum and stamped the flower image , then used pencils to color the image. I cut four images out and layered them together, then I used the new SU CHUNKY ESSENTIALS (white) and added a little SU FINE COSMO (orchid) for the glitter! Hope, you'll try it. ~Donna

heidi baldini said...

Thank you!! LOVE it!! LOVE the stamp! can never find any pretty flower stamps :-( keep up the inspirational work!!

Butternut Sage Designs said...


Bina Parik said...

I love the chiffon feel of the vellum in this card. I have tried it but it never comes out quit like yours. Happy blogaversary! Bina

Rachel B. said...

Hi Donna and Happy Blogaversary...I am so happy to have picked your favorite card as one of mine too!!!! I loved the way you have such different textures going on here between, the bright shiny embossing on the bird and the delicate whispiness of the flowers! Thanks for sharing all of your talent with us bloggers. I love visiting your site! Rachel

Jean said...

Jean from jlfstudio has left a new comment on your post "FREE SET OF STAMPIN' WRITE MARKERS HERE!!!!!!!":

Hi Donna (my very dear stamping sister who inspires my crafting is implied in that simple greeting :D),

Belated congratulations on your blogoversary. I got so involved in going back post by post (BTW you really need and archives posting in your sidebar so nuts like me can start at the beginning and go forward - the better to see your growth as an artist) that I forgot to come back here and say WoW what a year! Hmmm...a favorite card out of all those months of goodness???? Are you kidding????

You have a wicked sense of humor by the way asking us to pick your favorite card when several of your posts begin with really love this card or really love this technique now what's a girl to think (I know, I know if I'm allowed to love them all why not you too...)indicates your preference. My initial thought was that you, like me, have a thing for the now retired bella blossom and if you hadn't said a card I would have gone with one of my favorites where you created a stationary set (the stationary set makes my heart go pit a pat and my breathe sigh...)or this other card here:

However I keep coming back as I always do to your stunning card using Winter post and the reflection technique that you made the video for -

The entry dedicating it to your MIL Jennie on your other blog brought tears to my eyes just as the card brought a squeeze to my heart. Such a vision of strength, hope and light with so much symbolism just has to be my favorite card (and I hope yours too :D). I remember when I first saw it I thought of my Husband Stephen who died 12 years ago of cancer. Your card gave me an image of him standing in God's light on the threshold of a new journey (did I ever thank you for that?). Reminded me too of your lovely New Years day picture and post. Same quality of light I guess.

Anyway the long and the short of it is your blog is the best present ever in my inbox for this last year though of course - tee hee- I won't turn down a luscious set of in color markers if my guess is correct.

Looking forward to another year of did she do that...and how on earth did she come up with that fabulous idea...?

Hugs and blessings - Jean

Butternut Sage Designs said...

Jean you are here in the drawing because you made me cry